Immunity to Change™

Robert Kegan
DIGITALLY FACILITATED – 10-12th of Nov. 2021

ITC facilitator’s workshop with Harvard University professor Robert Kegan

Immunity to Change (ITC) is a process designed to help individuals and teams sustainably change by revealing and challenging ‘hidden assumptions’ that can hinder the developmental progress. ITC guides a creative, structured and precise work at any individual’s developmental edge.

In the intensive and highly interactive 3-day workshop, you will learn how to safely and effectively lead others through this powerful and structured change-process. The workshop covers all the skills and knowledge it takes to facilitate the ITC-process both physically and online, and 1:1 as well as large groups.

About Robert Kegan and the ITC approach:

Robert Kegan and the ITC approachRobert Kegan is professor at Harvard University and a world-renowned contributor to the field of development and transformation.

He’s recipient of numerous honorary degrees and awards and has over forty years of research, teaching, writing, and professional practice influenced leadership development, executive coaching, and culture-change management across the globe.

In this rare occasion, ITC’s originator Bob Kegan himself will facilitate the 3-day ITC facilitators workshop.

“It was an absolutely fantastic experience, rich in content, impactful, enlightening and a great reminder how our personal stories connect us all.“

As a participant in the Facilitator's Workshop you will learn:

  • The theoretical backbone behind ITC and cutting-edge research and practices from Minds at Work
  • Learn to use The Developmental Sprint ® Web-App for better online ITC facilitation of individuals and groups
  • How to conduct an ITC workshop for groups or individuals in a way that fits with their own personal coaching style
  • How to use The Facilitator’s Guide as a resource for further developing your skills
  • Ways to address typical challenges in conducting the ITC workshop
  • All participants who complete the course will receive 20 credit hours from the International Coaching Federation.

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